Why You Should Book Now Your 2021 Portuguese Camino de Santiago?

Completing the Portuguese Camino de Santiago is an unforgettable experience and a special occasion whenever you do it but even more so in 2021 as it’s a Holy Year. In case you don’t already know, 2021 is the first Holy Year since 2010.


What is a Holy Year?

A Holy Year is when Saint James’ Day, which is July 25th, falls on a Sunday. Because of leap years, this won’t happen again until 2027 so if you want to experience the enhanced spiritual and festive atmosphere of this exceptional year, it’s best to start planning right now to avoid disappointment.


Why do more people choose to do the Camino in Holy Years?

As well as the plethora of cultural events that will take place throughout the year, a key attraction for the faithful is plenary indulgence. During a Holy Year, you can get full forgiveness of your sins by following a few simple procedures after making your way to Santiago de Compostela Cathedral.

Thankfully, you can get plenary indulgence on any day of 2021 so there’s no need to feel pressure to be in Santiago de Compostela on 25th July, which is Saint James’ Feast Day.  If you are able to coincide your Camino with this date, expect fireworks and huge celebrations in the city.

There are many people who have had to postpone their Camino from 2020 due to the pandemic who still want to make this epic journey while they are fit and healthy. People who have already followed the Camino and been profoundly moved by the experience are likely to want to return during a Holy Year. There is also likely to be increased interest from around the world from people who are searching for a deeply personal and spiritual challenge in the wake of Covid-19.

As you can see, a Holy Year attracts more pilgrims than usual, especially for the last 100 kilometres of the Camino routes, and 2021 holds the promise of hope and better times ahead.


Why you should book your 2021 Camino now

All of these things mean that accommodation on the Camino will be in high demand throughout 2021, especially around St. James’ Day on 25th July. If you want to make sure you’ve got a room to yourself, or shared with just your own travel companion, it’s time to get booking, even if you plan to do the Camino at a quieter time of year, such as spring or autumn.

We appreciate that due to the ongoing pandemic, things are still very uncertain so there’s no need to make the first deposit until November 2020 and you can cancel for free before December 31st 2020 if you need to.